Divorce  Edit

Many families are affected by divorce. About 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce within 10 years. This means that a lot of children are affected by divorce. Several children live with one parent or remarried parents. Also divorce opens up various opportunities such as new step parents and step siblings.

Impact of DivorceEdit

  • Children of divorce are more likely to experience depression and low self-esteem
  • Children tend to be less socially responsible
  • Adolescents whose parents divorce have a higher rate of dropping out of school and engaging in deliquient activites
  • As adults, children of divorced parents, have a greater risk of getting divorced themselves

Parental ConflictEdit

Conflict between parents increase as the divorce is being negotiated. This conflict can have negative influences on the children of the divorcees. The child can feel
that they are the cause of divorce, which can lead to depression. Also, the children can feel that they are caught in the middle between parents and must choose a parent they like more.

Step ParentsEdit

The entry of step parents into a family can come off threatening to the children. The children may feel that the new parent is trying to take the place of their mom or dad. Children can be hostile and unresponsive to the step parent. Also, if the biological, non-custodial parent is angry towards the new parent, children communicate these feelings as harsh resentment thus causing the child to feel caught in the middle.